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Diminishing Damaged Freight

Posted on 17 April 2012
Diminishing Damaged Freight

You may have come to think of freight claims and damaged goods as an everyday part of doing business. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Freight claims and damaged goods are a reality of the industry and we can never completely eliminate them, but they represent a very real cost that must be accounted for when assessing transport services and transport companies. The cost of damaged goods is much more than just the replacement cost of the items. When you factor in:

• Redelivery time and cost

• Potential lost sales due to unavailability

• Customer dissatisfaction and losing customers

• Warehousing cost of extra inventory to cover expected damage levels

• The time and effort involved in raising and investigating damaged goods claims

How Mainfreight reduces damaged freight

By protecting freight during our transport services, Mainfreight enables our customers to reduce damage –related costs including loss of stock and re-delivery time and costs. Mainfreight are committed to these transport service practices to ensure freight arrives at its destination in the same condition as when we receive it.

Packaging, pallet building and loading are integral to preventing damaged goods. When pallet building, its important to shrink wrap freight securely to pallets to reduce movement and therefore ensure the reduction of damaged goods. Mainfreight cross dock freight over “raised docks” to ensure all product and handling activity is visible and managed effectively, raised docks minimise the opportunity for damaged goods.

Mainfreight diminishing damaged freightMainfreight’s latest innovation in reducing damaged freight

Our Mainfreight team are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to advance our transport service capabilities. In doing so, Mainfreight Transport have acquired new B-Double trucks with double mezzanine decks. We use mezzanine floors in all our trucks to increase transport service efficiency and increase the safety of our customer’s treasured goods and therefore reducing damaged goods.

At Mainfreight we are committed to diminish the opportunities of damaged goods in our transport service; the specialised 3 level B-Double separates the freight to enhance freight protection for all our customers’ goods. In the photo supplied, the decks are actively separating the freight therefore preventing damaged goods.

The new trailers boast an enhanced suspension system for a smoother freight ride and have improved loading times and loading efficiency during the transport service.

What can I do to protect my freight & avoid damaged freight claims during the transport service?

• Appropriate packaging for the goods you're sending

• Clear labelling reduces additional handling

• Use Pallets or crates to consolidate multiple items

• Shrink wrap or strap lose items together

• Talk to your transport service carrier

For more information on our initiative in reducing damaged freight, feel free to discuss with one of our team.