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What’s new in Mainchain 4.33

Posted on 7 May 2019

We’re always making changes in Mainchain. Our latest release introduces the following new features...


Your feedback is important!

We are continually updating Mainchain to help make managing your supply chain and orders easier – so if you see this new pop up within Mainchain we’d love to hear your feedback so we can improve our tools and features for you.

Your feedback is important!


If you have any further questions, suggestions or ideas, please chat to your account manager or use the Contact Us > Feedback form


Ability to enter Customs Bond information for your Inward Goods stored in our Warehousing facilities

Customers that hold dutiable goods now have the ability to enter Customs Bond information for dutiable goods when placing inwards via Mainchain.

This improvement will ensure that the correct Customs Bond information is being provided to Mainfreight logistics warehouses that hold dutiable goods.

Customs Bond information


Customs Bond information is now also displayed on the product details pop up for increased visibility

Customs Bond information


If you are storing dutiable goods with Mainfreight and can’t enter duty information or need assistance, please contact our team.


Ability to run International Reports for Chile, Japan and Malaysia regions

We have opened new Mainfreight Air & Ocean offices in Chile, Japan and Malaysia over the past 6 months
And to help you see the information you need, these regions are now available to filter on when under Reports > International Reports

International Reports


View the latest delivery status information for your Air & Ocean Shipments where StarTrack is the Delivery party/carrier

To help provide greater visibility where there is an International House Bill/Purchase Order with multiple orders being delivered by StarTrack, it is now possible to click on the Con Note Number shown below to see the milestone delivery information 

delivery status information


It is now possible to click on the Startrack Con-Note number shown in the Orders section, which takes you directly to the Startrack Delivery page.

Startrack Delivery page


Stay up to date with added visibility of any Rescheduled Expected Dates of Arrival for EU Shipments

To improve visibility on Mainchain and to inform you about the current planned delivery date we added a new field called "Rescheduled Expected Day of Arrival".

The Rescheduled Expected Day of Arrival field shows the Rescheduled Estimated Date of Arrival when the initially planned Delivery date is not feasible. If known, a reason for the changed delivery date will also be shown in the Reason field.

Rescheduled Expected Dates


Additional Changes

  • Removed Weather and Exchange Rate widgets from Dashboard toolbox
  • Minor Bug fixes