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New filters and viewing options in Mainchain | v4.17

Posted on 12 June 2016

This Mainchain release delivers more options to filter and view your information, making it quicker and easier to access the details you require, along with Logistics order entry updates. 

  • Australasian Transport report updates 
  • Improved Air and Ocean filters for dashboard widgets and searches 
  • Domestic USA widget goes graphical 
  • Logistics order entry improvements

Australasian Transport Tonnage Reports - Reports by Origin

The new Origin selector provides greater flexibility and control over what information is shown. Reports which support this function are tonnage reports: summary, detail and detail plus.

 Transport report by origin filters

Air and Ocean - View third party shipments

Some shipments are neither an Import nor an Export from the country in which the client resides in. To view these we have added a [Third Party Shipments] option under Goods Direction for advanced searches:

Air and Ocean third party filter

The “3rd Party Shipments” option has also been added to the Goods Direction filters for the International House Bills widget. This will mean that those house bills now show in the widget:

Air and Ocean third party widget filter


Domestic USA - Graphical display option added to widget

We’ve added graphs to the Domestic USA widget. Select “Show Graph” from the widget filters to view and configure your widget:

USA Domestic widget graph

You can then select the milestones to display and the type of graph from the “Change graph settings” option:

USA Domestic widget graph filters


Logistics Orders - Consignee phone number field 

We’ve added a consignee phone number field in Logistics Order creation page.

Logistics order phone number

Logistics Orders - Consignee code field is now mandatory when entering orders

The consignee code for logistics orders is now mandatory. You will need to either enter in a consignee name or code into the [Consignee name or #] search field to auto-populate the code from your saved details or enter a new code in the [Consignee code] field.

Logistics order consignee code

Also in this update:

  • Language translation updates
  • Improved tracking
  • Login and bookmarking updates 
  • Increased support of special characters
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements 

We are interested in your feedback and suggestions about how we can improve Mainchain for you. If you have any feedback, let us know. Use the feedback option in Mainchain or contact our Mainchain support team