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Mainchain Release | v4.14

Posted on 20 November 2015

This Mainchain release delivers improved Logistics options and multilanguage support

  • Addtional Order Entry option including carrier and service selection
  • Updated available stock infromation
  • New Language picker option

Carriers for Logistics Orders

Select from the list of carriers and service levels or enter a new carrier when placing a Logistics Order. 

Carriers for Logistics Orders

Available Stock Update

Additional stock level information at time of order placement reducing the risk of orders being placed when stock is already allocated to existing orders. 

The available stock information has been updated to display: 

  • Stock available - stock on hand that is available for orders less damaged and held stock
  • Stock available to order - stock on hand that is available for orders less the stock allocated to orders already
  • Stock on hand - Total stock in the warehouse 

Available Stock Update

Language Picker

Mainchain now supports multiple languages. 

To select from the available options click on the language label, select the language and Mainchain will automatically update. 

Language Picker

Also in this update

  • Dashboard fixes for dulicate records - USA Domestic Widgets
  • Improved courier tracking for New Zealand to include additional milestones

We are interested in getting your feedback and any suggestions about how we can improve Mainchain for you.

If you have any feedback, let us know use the Feedback Iconoption in Mainchain or contact our Mainchain Support Team