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Freman Web Update v2.6 | November 2014

Posted on 13 November 2014

This update featured mostly bug fixes and EDI enhancements but we have also made changes to dangerous goods by enforcing the flashpoint value.

Minor enhancements

  • City/Suburb changes: added, renamed and changed various suburbs 
  • EDI: added notification XML tags to allow notifications to be imported with consignment notes.
  • Bug fixes

Dangerous Goods: Enforce flashpoint value

When validating dangerous goods details, Freman Web will now enforce a specific flashpoint value to be entered so that we can make sure we have the most accurate information when handling your freight.

Any DG that you might have validated previously which had the words “below”, “to” or “above” within the flashpoint field will need to be rechecked against the specific value within your MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). This will have to be entered and re-validated to be able to proceed.

Please note: We don’t enforce the validation if you don’t have these words in the flashpoint field i.e. for specific flashpoint values.

DG Validation Details

NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.