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Freman Web Update v2.12 | September 2016

Posted on 18 September 2016

Returns and Freight Forwards just got easier with Freman Web v2.12

This Freman Web release delivers enhancements to streamline the delivery of consignment notes and labels for Returns and Freight Forwards.

  • Email consignment notes and labels directly from Fremanweb
  • Adding additional sender details - Phone 

Making the Returns and Freight Fowards process easy - Send your consignment documents directly to the sending/pickup site of your goods

To ensure all consignments are accompanied with the right documentation, we’ve added the ability for you to email consignment notes, labels and dangerous goods declaration forms to the New Consignment Note page.

This is a great feature to use if you are creating a Freight Forward job or Returns pickup request, as it will ensure the sender of the goods/person at the pickup location can print out the paperwork prior to our drivers arriving on-site to pick up the goods.

When they receive the email and documentation, they must print out the consignment notes and labels to accompany the goods, then contact their pickup branch when the goods are ready to go.

Simply enter the email address you would like to email the documents to and click ‘Send’

FremanWeb Freight Forwards / Returns


 FW Email

Freman Web will email the selected documentation and confirm when the documents have been sent.

This will also upload the consignment to us making it trackable instantly via Freman Web via ACTIONS > Consignment Review. Also in our Mobile App, Mainchain and website. 

Adding Sender Phone numbers to the printed connote:

Including a sender phone number on your consignments helps us pickup your consignments efficiently. Whether it’s checking to see if the person at the pickup site is available, or for providing Estimated Time of Arrival updates, having this information is really handy for our team

A new Sender phone number field is available to edit and use on the New Consignment Note page


FremanWeb Phone Number Tab

 If entered, this phone number will now print on the consignment notes and upload directly to our despatchers for quick reference

Consignment Details


 If entered, this phone number will now print on the consignment notes and upload directly to our despatchers for quick reference

Dangerous Goods Declaration


This release also includes minor enhancements

  • New status Icon for the Created status 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements 

Feel free to contact us via mainchainsupport@mainfreight.com with feedback or ideas on how we can improve Freman Web even more or to find out more about Freman Web talk to your Account Manager or your local branch.