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Chain of Responsibility | Mainfreight Australia

Posted on 18 April 2013
Chain of Responsibility | Mainfreight Australia

Compliance, training and safety are woven into the way we do things ‘round here.

Recently we had a nationwide drive to refresh the training of every Mainfreight team member across Australia on the features and requirements of the Chain of Responsibility. With penalties reaching $10,000 per business and per individual it is important to understand any party can be held responsible and may be legally liable.

What is the Chain of Responsibility?

Chain of Responsibility targets all parties from you as the sender and us as the carrier and every individual along the way. The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) concept is featured in the Transport Reform (Compliance and Enforcement Bill) and enforces compliance for companies and individuals who use the service of the transport industry. The strict penalties are put in place to ensure compliance with the road transport laws and to promote safe loading and safe driving.

Training our Team:  the Value of Compliance 

Our training team held multiple COR courses at over 40 of our branches ensuring that every team member is aware of their responsibilities and those of the team, our business and the customers. The course covers all aspects of the Chain of Responsibility and the team completed an assessment to confirm their understanding, including targeted areas of:

  • Securely built and restrained loads
  • Working / driving hours are compiled with and records are monitored to prevent breeches
  • Vehicles are loaded to comply with dimension and weight restrictions
  • Empowering our team to hold compliance over any other consideration

Supervisors and key loaders also attended a course specially designed for Mainfreight, to show the theory and practical how to abide by the National Load Restraint Guide when it comes to restraining loads.

Are you and your team aware of your responsibilities?

The message of this course is that these procedures affect us all and we all play a part in ensuring compliance with Chain of Responsibility. Find out more about your responsibility by visiting the compliance website which details each person’s specific responsibility.

Chain Of Responsibilty