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Albury Freight - Local Transport - Global Reach

Posted on 17 October 2013
Albury Freight - Local Transport - Global Reach

Booming agricultural and manufacturing industries in regional Australia have increased the volume of freight heading in and out of these thriving areas. On the border of Southern NSW and of North East Victoria, our Albury branch is perfectly located to service the Murray and Wimmera regions.

From our Albury freight branch we provide the full spectrum of warehousing, domestic transport and international air and ocean operations. Whether you are sending a pallet of pesticides down the road, a full truck load of machinery to the other side of the country or a full container of cotton across the globe, we have what it takes for all your Albury freight and agricultural transport needs.

Albury Freight – Agricultural Transport

Machinery, canola, cotton, fruit, wheat, wool and grapes (famous for its full bodied red wines) are just some of the products coming out of the booming Albury region. At Mainfreight, our business is making sure the rest of Australia and the world can enjoy the agricultural products coming out of the booming Murray region.

Our nationwide and regional network enables us to provide comprehensive services to every postcode in Australia.
Mainfreight Albury services the following areas daily:

  • Wodonga
  • Upper Murray
  • Indigo Valley
  • Murray Valley
  • Shepparton District
  • Goulburn Valley
  • Echuca
  • Deniliquin
  • Hay
  • Riverina region
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area


Agricultural Pesticide and Chemical Transport

Agricultural Transport
The agricultural growth has been matched by an increased volume of pesticides and chemicals moving through our network. On a daily basis we handle, store and transport agricultural products including chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. We know the product, we know the market, we know the logistics, we know how get it to your destination - we know how to make it easy.

Specialist equipment, experienced people and safety practices, our dedicated brand Chemcouriers are experts at handling and transporting dangerous goods. Although we do not have a dedicated Chemcouriers branch in Albury, we offer the same specialist Chemcouriers service and all our team have had the same training as a full Chemcouriers branch.

Our Albury branch follows strict safety practices and use specialised equipment, including:

  • Australian standards approved segregation devices and equipment which enables us to efficiently and legally multiple classes of dangerous goods within the same vehicle
  • Albury Freight - Chemcouriers
    Cages and bins to protect smaller dangerous goods
  • Multiple locking devices to minimise movement during transit
  • Separation of freight with mezzanine decks on line-haul units to avoid crushing and damage
  • Extensive fleet of compliant and licensed vehicles
  • Certified Mainfreight drivers who can carry dangerous good and hazardous substances to “bulk” capacity

When you have agricultural freight to move in the Murray region contact Matt and his team at our Albury branch.