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Segregation of Dangerous Goods | Hazardous Substances

As a specialist hazardous materials carrier we understand the hazardous substances we handle require respect and using the right tools makes life a lot easier. Utilising specialised segregation devices, we are able to efficiently and legally transport multiple classes of conflicting dangerous goods within the same vehicle. This will meet your delivery time promise and secure sales revenue from your customers.

Our extensive fleet of custom built vehicles features:

  • Double drop deck A-trailers are equipped with mezzanine decks giving us flexibility to load long lengths and segregate freight.
  • B-trailers are hard sided, equipped with sliding three-quarter mezzanine deck posts allowing maximum loading versatility.
  • Restraint mechanisms increase loading efficiency and ensure early departure times.
  • Locking devices minimise movement during transit.
  • Six under-slung segregation bins increasing delivery efficiency for conflicting dangerous goods.
  • Trailers are bunded and vented to collect any hazardous spills.
  • Spill kits in vehicles, containing PPE to handle all dangerous goods classes

Talk to our team about how we can safely and compliantly move your products.


Safely and compliantly moving your products