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Chemcouriers - Hazardous Goods Specialists

The transport of dangerous goods and management of hazardous substances are heavily regulated in Australia through federal and state government requirements.

Specialist knowledge, understanding and detailed documentation is mandatory. While many carriers are exiting the hazardous goods market, we are intensifying our commitment to serving this complex business segment. Over many years we have uniquely combined our research, investment, experience and processes to create a hazardous goods transport solution that proactively addresses changing compliance laws.

Complying with Australian Dangerous Goods Code

Our operating processes, sophisticated safety practices and emergency procedures meet or exceed all Australian strict dangerous goods standards and regulatory requirements, which include:

  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • Segregation of dangerous and hazardous substances in transit
  • Safety equipment, precautions and procedures during transport
  • Documentation requirements
  • Packaging requirements
  • Labeling and placarding
  • Operating procedures for transfer of hazardous materials

Being a part of the Mainfreight family

As legislation increased in Australia, Mainfreight recognised the need for specific transport knowledge, training, equipment and requirements for the hazardous substances industry. To address this need and truly be able to offer efficient, compliant and specialised solutions, Mainfreight created the niche brand Chemcouriers.

Backed by Mainfreight’s extensive network, resources and sophisticated technology, Chemcouriers is able to offer is a premium service specialising in the safe transportation and handling of packaged chemicals and hazardous materials nationwide.

More than just a nationwide transport company; Mainfreight’s global end to end supply chain services cover international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, wharf cartage, nationwide transport and warehousing capabilities. This comprehensive suite of logistics services allows you to put together the range of services you need to assist with your supply chain.

Want to know about our dangerous goods services? Contact our team.